As humans age our mental capacity weakens, but what causes the human mind to breakdown? How can we test our current mental health to find out how well our brain is functioning? This mental status exam includes 5 tests to help determine current mental health. This mental status exam can be repeated periodically to measure progress or changes.

1.   Check for signs of depression – Ask yourself thequestion: How often have I felt downhearted over the last two weeks? If your answer is anything more than “a small amount of the time” then you might have symptoms of depression.

2.  Quick memory test – This is an easy way to test your short-term memory from the comfort of your own home. Take out a piece of paper and pencil and write down the following 3 words: grape, desk, horse. Also write down this address: John Thomas, 2150 Crystal Avenue, Edmunds, CO. Then hide the piece of paper where you cannot see it. After 15 minutes has passed take out a new piece of paper and try to remember the 3 words and the name and address. Your memory test results can be classified into three different categories. If you can recall the exact details that were given to you earlier your memory is in excellent shape. If you only remember partial details of the information then your memory is average. If you cannot recall any of the information given to you at the beginning of the test then you are probably suffering from short-term memory loss.

3.   Take a timed IQ Test online to measure your current intelligence. Check back every 3 months and take the test again to ensure that your mental capacity remains strong. Consistent scoring in the same range is an indicator that your mental health is remaining stable.

4.   Concentration strength is a key indicator of brain strength – test your brain concentration online with a free and easy computer game. This will allow you to measure your brain concentration level and work towards sharpening and improving your concentration power. The ability to concentrate is crucial to the health of the human mind.

5.   Cognitive ability – this is a great measure of mental health and is often used by employers in evaluating applicants and employees. Cognitive ability tests are often used to determine giftedness in children as well. Most cognitive ability tests must be administered by a testing professional and cannot be self-imposed. Many essential brain functions and mental abilities fall under the umbrella of cognitive abilities such as processing, motor skills, perception, sequencing and reasoning.