Did you know that you can find answers to your medical questions online? The medical profession is constantly evolving and recent technological advances have made it possible for doctors and nurses to interact with patients online. These online health care providers can chat with patients to discuss their symptoms, ask questions to further investigate and then give a diagnosis online. While not all nurses and physicians can make themselves available 24-7, there are many who are choosing to engage in the medical profession via the internet. There are several different websites where the general public can go to ask medical questions online and receive an online diagnosis, such as the sites mentioned in this article.

Just Answer – Receive medical advice from doctors, nurses, pediatricians, OB/GYNs,urologists, dermatologists and even dentists via online chat.

Web MD – Ask questions and get answers from a professional online medical community made up of health care providers and the general public.

Live Person – Find a nurse online by reading their profile information including their photograph, resume and career history. Find a nurse that you feel comfortable asking questions and reach out to them.

Nurse Expert Online – Send your medical question to the nurse expert and await their response. You can also browse their free medical advice on their website.

eAnswer Medical – Submit your questions or concerns to a medical professional online and receive a quick response with suggestions to help resolve your symptoms.

NHS Direct – Receive health advice online or via telephone from a responsive team of health care providers.

Nurse Friendly – Provides live health and medical advice on a variety of health topics.

Nurse Advice Line – For members of Blue Cross Minnesota this online symptom checker can help evaluate your current medical condition and reduce hospital visits.

Online Medical Advice – Variety of medical advice organized by category and offers a good depth of selection within each symptom category.

Web MD For Women – Offers medical advice, nurse consultation and physician support specifically for women. Female patients can receive responses to their medical inquiries online.

Net Doctor – Perhaps the most comprehensive site for online medical advice. This site includes a great depth of medical knowledge including children’s diseases, medication side effects and diagnosis of complex symptoms.