For those who need assistance as they age Brookdale Senior Living is a national company that provides superior assisted living facilities for the elderly. The company has been in business since 1978 and is proud of their exceptional reputation.

Brookdale Senior Living focuses on offering the elderly a high quality of life and provides senior housing in more than 565 communities throughout the United States. The company employs 32,000 assistants that work within their facilities and support the more than 53,600 seniors residing in Brookdale facilities.

The level of care required can be selected depending on what is needed. The types of living assistance to choose from include independent care. This care choice allows residents to have housing that does not require home maintenance and offers added amenities. The personal living space is ample, common areas are available for socializing and dining is a healthful culinary delight.

Assisted living is offered for those who need help with daily activities, such as help getting dressed, bathing and personal care, errand running and other needs. For those with conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia care support is available that focuses specifically on these medical conditions.

Brookdale Senior Living offers rehabilitation for individuals in need of short-term assistance or long-term care. Support is available for family members and each individual is treated by trained personnel. Those who need rehabilitation care are evaluated while in the hospital and the recommended treatment is offered.

Brookdale is committed to providing residents with proactive service that is designed to improve health. Professionals are on hand to help seniors with the process of aging and taking steps towards becoming self sufficient. The staff at Brookdale Senior Living is trained to administer medicine and physical treatments to assist with pain management.

Senior residents living in a Brookdale facility will have the option of remaining in the same location and will not be forced to leave. Seniors who have worsening medical conditions can stay in the same facility and do not have to change locations to receive different types of care.

Brookdale is a care facility that provides aging seniors with the attention that they need and deserve. Brookdale’s facilities offer residents a clean and healthy environment to live throughout their later years. Additional benefits include regular socialization and physical assistance provided by professionals.