You can find several nursing and rehabilitation centers across the United States on our site. These facilities can be very helpful to seniors who have suffered injuries and need help recovering along with assistance with daily tasks.

It can be very difficult to recover from many injuries, but it is especially difficult when you are already experiencing hardship with carrying out daily routines. For seniors with limited mobility and existing medical conditions the added stress of rehabilitating themselves from a recent injury can be overwhelming. A nursing and rehabilitation center provides assisted living services such as help with bathing, dressing, eating and drinking. They also offer specific targeted rehabilitation programs to help ensure a safe recovery in a protected environment surrounded by medical professionals. This unique combination of services caters primarily to elderly patients but can also sometimes accommodate younger individuals.

One particular facility worth mentioning is the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, which has consistently been ranked as the number one rehabilitation center for the last twenty years. This rehab center offers the best in patient care and top-of-the-line health care providers. Their combination of technology, research and expert staff make the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago the leading facility for pure rehabilitation. There is an impressive body of published research work that took place at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago for anyone considering treatment at this rehab center to review.

In choosing the nursing and rehabilitation center that is right for you it is recommended that you start by selecting several rehab centers that specialize in treatment for your type of injury. Once the possibilities have been narrowed down the final selection should be based on the following factors; anticipated length of stay (recovery time), cost of facility, cleanliness of facility, number and type of trained medical staff on-site, proximity to friends and family.