A guide to health care associations in all 50 states. State health care associations usually include nursing homes and assisted living facilities as their members. Many of the associations on our list are affiliates of the American Health Care Association, which is the largest national organization of long term care providers.

Alabama Nursing Home Association – Professional network of senior care providers in the state of Alabama. Association membership includes approximately 97% of Alabama long term care facilities.

Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association – Members focus on state-wide health issues such as disaster preparedness and nurse training and education requirements.

Arizona Health Care Association – General resource guide to long-term care services in the state of Arizona.

Arkansas Health Care Association – Helping residents choose the right nursing home and advancing state nursing home standards.

California Association of Health Facilities – Non-profit organization built to serve the long-term care community in California.

Colorado Health Care Association – This state association includes over 90% of Colorado nursing homes in its membership profile. Regular board meetings are held to discuss Association’s priorities to achieve goals of delivering high quality nursing care to Colorado’s elderly residents.

Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities – Advocate for providers of long-term care and assisted living in the state of Connecticut.

Delaware Healthcare Association – Official State of Delaware site with links to several government departments and regulatory agencies including Department of Health and Social Services and Delaware Division of Services for Aging.

Florida Association of Homes and Services for the Aging – Membership-only site with community forums on assisted living issues and nursing home communities.

Georgia Health Care Association – Guide to help residents search for nursing homes in Georgia and choose the best facility to suit their individual needs.

Healthcare Association of Hawaii – Non-profit organization born out of the merger between the Hospital Association of Hawaii and the Hawaii Nursing Home Association. This association represents Hawaii’s healthcare industry in matters of national healthcare legislation.

Idaho Primary Care Association – Community network designed to improve access to good quality health care for all Idaho residents.

Illinois Health Care Association – Designed to improve Illinois skilled nursing facilities and assisted living centers through quality initiatives.

Indiana Health Care Association – Addressing health insurance policy issues and political health care legislation. An advocate for assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and health care consumers.

Iowa Health Care Association and Center for Assisted Living – Intermediary between nursing facility administrators and consumers of assisted living centers and nursing homes.

Kansas Health Care Association – Largest long term care association in the state of Kansas. This organization represents both for-profit and non-profit healthcare providers. Also includes the Kansas Center for Assisted Living.

Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities – Official trade association representing all types of nursing facilities and care homes in the commonwealth of Kentucky.

Louisiana Nursing Home Association – Membership representation includes over 250 licensed nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Louisiana.

Maine Department of Health and Human Services – Information and resources from official state government site for consumers and providers of health care.

Maryland Health Care Commission – Independent agency that works to improve quality and affordability of health care for Maryland residents.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health – State association that covers a wide range of services related to health care and public health, such as disease prevention, health insurance, state hospitals, and consumer resources.

Health Care Association of Michigan – Provides support to its membership, which includes hospitals, nursing facilities and senior living communities.

Minnesota Home Care Association – This organization provides legislative assistance to home care providers in Minnesota.

Mississippi Health Care Association – Trade organization made up of assisted living facilities, nursing homes, senior living communities and care facilities for the mentally retarded.

Missouri Health Care Association – Provides a variety of services to health care providers in the state of Missouri, such as criminal background checks, legislative updates and certifications.

Montana Health Care Association – Non-profit association with membership open to all types of long-term care facilities, including hospital-based care, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, senior living communities and skilled nursing facilities.

Nebraska Health Care Association – Represents five different state-wide organizations responsible for governance of Assisted Living Facilities, Health Care, Licensed Practical Nurses, Long-Term Care Workforce and Health care Foundation.

Nevada Health Care Association – Offers three different membership categories; associate member, assisted living facility and skilled nursing facility.

New Hampshire Health Care Association – Membership includes over 90 assisted living facilities and nursing homes and collectively provides over 80% of New Hampshire’s long-term care services.

Health Care Association of New Jersey – Non-profit trade association that acts as an advocate for long-term care providers as well as those in need of nursing, rehabilitation and home care services.

New Mexico Health Care Association of Long Term Care Providers – Also includes New Mexico Center for Assisted Living. This association represents providers of facility-based long-term care and helps them improve the delivery of services to their consumers.

Healthcare Association of New York State – Provides advocacy services and publishes significant amount of health care data reports.

North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association – Trade association that represents over 380 state-licensed nursing homes and assisted living centers.

North Dakota Long Term Care Association – Provides links to member facilities in North Dakota which include assisted living centers and senior living homes. Other resources include current job postings and recent health care legislation.

Ohio Health Care Association – Focus on consumer information, legislative advocacy, sponsored events, insurance information, long term care job board.

Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers – Offers both member services and non-member services. Provides news and updates in the health care industry including legislative policy changes affecting health care.

Oregon Health Care Association – Education, resources and advocacy for the long-term care community on the state of Oregon.

Pennsylvania Health Care Association – Information-based organization focused on serving the nursing home community within Pennsylvania and providing news updates regarding public policy changes.

Rhode Island Health Care Association – Helps match assisted living providers with consumers who need long term care. Focus on constantly improving deliverance of health care in Rhode Island nursing facilities.

South Carolina Health Care Association – Founded in 1955, this non-profit organization represents over 90% of long term care providers in the state of South Carolina. Their website offers an emergency links section.

South Dakota Health Care Association – Focus on state-wide disease prevention and offer seasonal vaccination information. Also includes Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) license testing.

Tennessee Health Care Association – Guide to assisted living and nursing homes in Tennessee.

Texas Health Care Association – Member of the AHCA and the National Center for Assisted Living, this association acts as an intermediary between Texas long term care providers and consumers of such facilities.

Utah Health Care Organization – Membership-based association geared towards helping long term care facilities provide excellent health care services to their residents.

Vermont Health Care Association – Well established organization that includes nursing homes, and assisted living facilities in its membership. Their website features a members only section and a facility locator.

Virginia Health Care Association – Dedication to advocacy efforts within the Virginia assisted living community. Strong organization with over 250 nursing facility members serving approximately 30,000 senior residents.

Washington Health Care Association – Comprehensive organization representing approximately 400 assisted living facilities and skilled nursing homes. They provide an active job board, educational events and membership benefits.

West Virginia Health Care Association – Organization of long term care providers dedicated to constantly improving the quality of health services through education, partnerships and professional development.

Wisconsin Health Care Association – Guide to Wisconsin nursing homes and advocate for nursing home employees, nursing facility residents and providers of long term care facilities.

Wyoming Hospital Association – Private non-profit organization acting as the voice for Wyoming hospitals. They provide advocacy on behalf of hospitals in Wyoming regarding public policy issues and private matters.

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