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The job listings that appear on our site are collected from a variety of sources including job search engines, local and national publications, long term care job boards, staffing agencies and direct from health care employers. The job listings are displayed with the most recent listings at the top. Job postings are constantly updated electronically according to the source of the original job post. Most job listings have thorough descriptions and offer candidates the ability to apply online for consideration.

Many privately owned assisted living facilities are owned and operated by highly profitable corporations. Many of these companies pay above average wages and benefits to their employees. The long-term care industry is also fairly stable by nature, and is expected to continue growing to meet the demands of an aging US population. This bodes extremely well for those employed within this industry.

Those who lack a nursing degree or medical designation should not be discouraged from seeking employment opportunities in assisted living. Many facilities are large residential care centers that provide an array of services and require many different types of employees to run effectively. To serve resident meals there is a need for full kitchen staff including a head chef, cooks, clean-up crew and servers. To operate the administrative branch there is a need for office staff, facility administrators and a director of operations.