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Find an exhaustive list of assisted living facilities in every US state. Browse our free directory to identify facilities near you and contact each facility individually to learn more about the services they offer. It is important to perform lots of research before committing to any particular facility. Remember to keep in mind which services are most important to you and your loved ones when choosing a senior care home.

The term “assisted living” generally refers to a healthcare facility designed to provide a combination of housing and medical care to those who cannot effectively care for themselves. Typical candidates for assisted living include elderly individuals who are suffering from a disease, health condition or injury. The staff at an assisted living facility is usually comprised of a variety of healthcare professionals including nurses, doctors, nurse aides, maid service, care takers, office clerks, kitchen staff, janitorial personnel and facility administrators. This combination of staff members provides patients with the overall care package required to keep them as healthy and comfortable as possible.

For those suffering from the effects of a serious injury, assisted living can help facilitate a successful recovery by providing healthy and balanced meals, daily rehabilitation exercises, progress monitoring, treatment plans and assistance with daily tasks. This type of care is very thorough and usually extends beyond what a friend or family member might be able to provide. Therein lies the benefit of an assisted living facility. The highly specialized level of care that the patient will receive at an assisted living facility usually exceeds that which a family member can provide. In many cases it is in the patient’s best interests to be housed in a facility that is equipped to care for them properly. Finding a facility that caters to patients with the type of ailments that the person is experiencing is a crucial element of achieving a strong match between a facility and a patient.

Our directory information includes facility names, addresses and phone numbers. To learn more about the reputation of a particular facility you can check with the local Better Business Bureau, State Department of Health, online customer reviews, local doctors or healthcare professionals, health insurance companies or local community members.